My baking journey

Don’t worry, I can see your eyes rolling all the way over here. To be honest I am aware that I am absolutely horrible with keeping a blog- which is strange considering I had an online journal for years with updates multiple times a day. I guess the difference was that was me pouring out my soul and this is having to think of clever and worthwhile updates. The truth is that my last blog, Whit Who Wanders, was created so that my family and friends back home would be able to follow my adventures in London. But once I settled into life here and things became normal to me, I suddenly stopped feeling inspiration for updates. When you realize that you are doing the things you once wrote about (passive aggressiveness on public transport, queing, moaning about the weather), it becomes way less interesting to write about.

But I have been doing some pretty damn cool things with my life since moving over here in January 2014. I finished my Masters degree (with merit), and I started a baking company with a fellow American. We have been going for a little under a year now and have managed to accomplish quite a bit. But we are entering into a new era of Oh Gee, Pie! and along with that, I felt it was time to sit down and start writing again. Because the main goal behind OGP is not to sell our products, it’s to sell our journey and our experience. The pies are a vehicle to a greater picture- one which we use baking as a therapy, as community building, as a way to bring people closer together. I recently read an amazing article featured in Bon Appetit magazine about the bakery Smoke Signals. I’ve been a fan of Tara Jensen’s Instagram for a long time, but to read more in depth about her journey has made me realize that this is exactly what we see in our own baking philosophy.

“She wanted to teach. She wanted to host pizza nights. She wanted to use bread as a vehicle- not an end in itself”. 

Many people ask us how we started baking. I’ve always loved to bake but have never been formally trained in it. My baking journey started as a child, watching my family members bake and sometimes joining in. I don’t really remember much from when I was a kid anymore, and I lost my grandmother at a very early age. I spent a lot of time with her as a child and my only remaining memories of her exist in small snippets of after school snacks and holidays. These memories all take place in their small kitchen.  I like to think that baking is my way of keeping her close to me as time progresses and the memory of her fades.

So I bake and think about what could have been if she had lived longer, I bake and think of the joy I’ve always found in brownies, cakes, pies, cookies. I bake to feel closer to a home that is an ocean away, I bake for therapy and stress release. I bake when I am bored.  I bake because nothing gives me the confidence like watching a smile appear on someone’s face after they take a bite into something you’ve baked. I bake because I can, because it comes naturally to me. And now I bake because it is how I want to earn my living, it is how I want to make my difference and mark on the world. I bake now because I am not formally trained but I want to know everything I can.

This is why I’ve started this blog. I hope through this I can share my journey with everyone. I can’t promise it will be updated regularly, or that it will be interesting. My hope is that I will be able to share recipes, or things that I have baked. I come to this blog as a beginner in a lot of things, as a somewhat decent pie baker, an expert cookie baker, a horrible cook, and someone who has managed to bake one decent loaf of bread in their life so far. I hope you’ll enjoy reading and watching this journey as much as I will enjoy baking my way through it.


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